Thursday, December 11, 2014

Rivers and Lakes

First things first.

I really want to talk about the new record, but before I do (in the next post), I am going to do a quick recap of recent finds and doings.

Because I haven't posted since SEPTEMBER.

And because I found a couple of really special things.

Sometime in October, I discovered a little-known park along the Cumberland and explored it a few times.

There’s a cool, old boarded-up house still standing off to the side but I didn’t find much.

Found this…

Here’s my best find:

Copper and meerschaum. Or however you spell that.
 Posted on a vintage pipe website, but no one had any info on it.

Then, a friend had posted on FB about a “deserted” beach on the Cumberland, not far from me. So I nagged all my friends and my buddy Jeff Thorneycroft took me kayaking so we could MD the beach.

 Lots of bullets, but none very old, I don't think. Except for the musketball...

Another bullet Stonehenge.

Jeff dug this old hook, probably from a riverboat.

Needless to say, I must obtain a kayak.

One weekend, I drove east trying to find a field Doug took us to a couple of years back. Never found it, but I got up the courage to ask a man if I could dig his property. The result?

I didn't find anything that day, but returned the next day with my friend, M.J. We failed miserably at finding anything other than part of old hoes. Not even a freekin' horseshoe! But we had fun anyway. 

M.J., trying to look enthusiastic about not
finding anything while trying to avoid snakes.

In early November, I returned to northern Michigan to attend Lamb’s Retreat – a fabulous songwriting getaway. Didn’t have much spare time, as I was busy writing a song about a piece of religious statuary, but I made it down to my beautiful Lake Michigan a few times...

 ... and at the very last minute – right before I had to leave – pulled this out of the sand during a snowstorm. As long as I’ve been doing this, and as many cool things as I’ve found, I just never get used to it.

Pre-electric soup. 

Post-electric soup. This is a personal pistol, probably
1830-1850, probably European.

Right before Thanksgiving, I went over to Kathy Hussey’s house to sweep her back yard before they begin building an addition. Found this sweet thang but nothing else of note.

Beep. Beep beep.

Undeterred, I hit a nearby park. I was by myself; it was a gray, deepening dusk.

As usual for this park, all I got was pennies, pulltabs and bottle caps – and plenty of’em. I remember sighing and saying, “Hmm. Sure has been a long time since I’ve dug any SILVER. How ‘bout it?”

Not one minute later, this:

Then – I kid you not – a white dove flew over my head.  I had to sit down.

Ok. Now I can write about the record…


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  2. Wow. Synchronicity...I love it. Metal detecting abounds with it, no? I think that's a powerful part of its allure. You know, there's the Earth, the folks who lived upon it, who came from it, who were in that spot you are standing on now, and you are digging into their time when they were on that spot, even if it was just a year ago, or 50 or 500. Stuff has got to happen, right? Weirdly, I once sat in front of a computer screen with google earth zoomed in on a field, I closed my eyes waved my hand around while I made my mind blank (sort of) and let my finger down on the screen without directing it myself, or so it felt to me. I opened my eyes, marked the spot in the field in my mind. I drove out there, walked directly to the spot, ran my meter over it, got a signal, dug a hole, and in that hole was a gold band with 3 diamonds. I don't know what that is, but it is unsettling.