Friday, September 12, 2014

"One of Them There Things..."

That's right: two Dirt Girl posts in as many days.

This one is short and to the point.

In April of 2013, my dear friend (and renowned Michigan videographer) Terri Sarris, came to Nashville to make a short film about me and my metal detecting. Here's the finished product. I just love it. There was hours and hours of footage, but she has edited it down to a compact 10 minutes that says so much, so beautifully. And seeing the great Doug Drake again is just so cool.

Here's the link.


  1. Enjoyed the video, felt like i was there with you! I think your item is a suspender clip, but that's just a guess :) A very unique video, worth watching! Wouldn't mind a blonde bombshell detecting partner myself! :D Funny, I found a goat bell like Cheryl found recently...a cool find! Anyway, loved the documentary style detecting video. Thanks!!! Will share on WeDetect twitter acct!

  2. I love your blog, your music, your friends Doug and Cheryl, your open face and dark eyes. I even don't mind your husband, the saint. Doug was a real metal detecting pioneer. His was the Golden Age, when all places were new to the metal detector. When I was a youngster, an optometrist/diving instructor gave scuba lessons in our pool in Coc, Grove Fl. I was 15, in 1968. At one point, I was in his home and he brought out a bag filled with old jewelry, gold cross, rings, and chains, studded with jewels, coins. It was real Spanish Treasure from galleons. Those were the Golden pioneer days in Florida for treasure hunting, only a small part of which finds were reported. If only I'd had the imagination back then that I do now. I write a couple of blogs about detecting in south florida. Though I lack your delightful poetic sensibility, the ritual is much the same. I'm a fan. Never mind Madonna, you're so much more.

  3. Ah, Digger... thank you so much! I often feel like I missed the boat with this hobby. I try not to focus on it. When I was growing up in New York City, my mother had a friend, a fellow teacher, who owned a mid-1700s house in Western Massachusetts. His partner had a similar house just down the road. We spent many long weekends and holidays there. Now, I just think of everything under the ground that I could have searched for. I didn't even know about detectors then (this was the '70s). I think about finding those houses now and contacting the owners and asking...